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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Shh.. Don't tell anyone. Come closer. I have secret I want to tell you. It's important you don't tell a soul. This is just for you, from me. Now listen.

I can barely wake up in the morning. My alarm is a rather annoying song and it plays continuously until I actually bash the button that stops it. Every morning at 7 am. But I'd wake up anytime to watch you sleep.

I spend hours looking through recipes on the internet and at least one hour in the supermarket looking for things to cook for you. I'll then slave over a stove and spend a majority of my day making something while praying that it would at least be remotely edible, if not actually tasting good. Then I'll act as if it was something I did at the last minute with no premeditation whatsoever, and tell you that I've made something for you. You don't have to pick it up if you're too tired. It's fine. I'll just bring it to lunch tomorrow. Or something. No biggie.

If I know you're going to see me or pick me up after work, I'll dress extra special and not eat at all the day before just so I'd look better. But of course I won't admit that to your face.

I think bad thoughts about you. Very bad thoughts.

I hate it when you compliment other girls. Makes me wanna tear their hair out and then pout and sulk in a corner until you kiss my heart better. Or at least my cheek.

I love your breath on my neck. Hell, I love your breath on my anything. Well... maybe not my toes.

I enjoy watching you dress up. It is extremely sexy.

I meticulously plan what I'm going to wear to bed. They would be items I'd want you to peel off me. One day I'd like chocolate sauce in bed. And handcuffs. And edible underwear. And other kinky things.

I know. But I refuse to remember. And I've accepted. And it's okay now. I'm okay now.

I want you to stay.

Shh.. Don't tell anyone. This is a secret.
Sarang hae yo. Je t'aime. Ich liebe dich. Saya cinta kamu. Ana behibak. Wo ai ni. Ik hou van jou. Ti amo. Nakupenda. Te quiero. Always.


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